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Where does the money come from?

Where does money come from?

First, you must be clear and learn where the money is coming from. You will find that money is coming from the sale of products or service to customers.

Sale: You may learn to do it or hire a person who can do it for you.

Service: You may learn to do it or hire a person who will provide this service to customers for you.

Product: Purchase or manufacture the product to sell it to your customer.

Customer: A person who buys goods or services from a shop or business.

Money α Action, and Action α Sale and Service

For ease of understanding, we can say Money α Output.

The output is directly proportional to Man-Hour.

  1. Output α Man-hour

Output is also directly proportional to the Machine – Hour.

  1. Output α Machine-hour

Again, if you are able to increase the space, output will increase. Example are websites which provide services over the country or the world, Mobile App, Radio Channel, TV Channel, DTH services like Tatasky, DishTV, Mobile and internet service, cable service, hotel service, YouTube etc.

  1. So, Output α Space-time (hour)

These three equations suggest that:

Output α (Man-hour + machine-hour + Space-time)

→ Output α (PT+MT+ST)

Output = k (P+M+S) T.

Output means your Action.

A = k(P + M + S)T

This is the law of leverage of a Billionaire.

Here, k is a constant and stands for knowledge and intelligence and it is easily available in the market for hire. Not only knowledge, people, machine and space are also available in the market for hire.

What is the "K" in the equation?

When I compared an Individual to an Enterprise, I found surprising results. When a person wants to buy something, he/she simply starts buying the product without much analysis. However, in the case of an enterprise, it fully studies its requirement and the cost. When an enterprise needs manpower, it starts recruiting through a proper process. Specialized persons are involved in selecting the candidates. Often candidates apply for the opportunities without properly going through the advertisement and attend the interview without much preparation. These people never rectify their mistakes that have been committed in the past. Without having updated themselves about the specific requirements of the company and the nature of the jobs on offer, they give answers based on their limited knowledge and experience.

Individuals have their focus on comforts, but enterprises are focused on talent and so go through the difficult process of finding the right talent. The individual postpones the uncomfortable work. Enterprises take timely money making actions which may or may not be comfortable.

An enterprise educates itself through training sessions, seminars, etc., but an individual does not appreciate the need to purchase a book in order to educate oneself. Enterprises take their resources to a higher level, but the individual gradually loses even the resources he has.

An enterprise performs important functions which produce money and it does not procrastinate to see any important work becoming an emergency. The individual does the easy task first and waits till the last date and makes it an emergency, and in the process ends up losing the opportunity.

Do what is right and desirable, even if it is uncomfortable. Take money making and people making actions first. Avoid the unnecessary or wrong things which may be easy and comfortable.

Consistent uncomfortable actions create results, whereas comfortable actions take us away from the results. Excuses do not burn calories, regular exercise does.


CONSISTENT”, “UN-COMFORTABLE” and “ACTION” are three very important terms for billionaires and they love these words. Missing even any one of these words takes you away from success. It is called the knowledge of cleverness of a wise person.

k = Consistent × Action × Discomfort

k = CAU

This is the equation of the Enterprise and the Law of true Knowledge.


Even the highly educated person remains ordinary if he is unable to take Consistent Actions even in Uncomfortable zones of his life.

The 21st Century's Equation: Result=(db2A + f ) T,

Passive energy depends fully on your belief system. So you are motivated for action.

Let the Er = passive energy.

f = feeling

d = dreams/desire/day dream

p = picture/image

b = belief.

If you carefully study, you will find that yours feeling depends on your square of belief.


So, f α b2                                                                               

And we know;

Er α f α b2

Er α b2


Er = db2

Here d is a constant depending upon your dream/desire/ picture/imagination. The dream is always treated as constant for success. You can’t change it before you achieve it. After achieving it, you may set a new goal or dream.

The picture in your mind depends on your thinking. Your thinking is your dream (d). Also, it may be a negative dream.

The value of d is between 0 and 1. The value changes between 0 and 1 depending upon your desire and burning desire. If you have a strong desire/dream, it is closer to 1. This means that if you have clearly seen the picture of your dream during prayer through imagination, it will be 1. Depending upon the picture quality, in imagination, one can find the value of d.

The value of b is from zero to infinity (very high frequency) and is expressed in percentage. A 100% belief means you are guaranteed of result. A 200 % belief means 4 times guaranteed results and the result will appear earlier or the volume of the result is 4 times.

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