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15 Reasons Why Getting Rich is Easy

15 Reasons Why The Rich Are Getting Richer

The world gets a new millionaire every 21 seconds and one new billionaire every single day. By the end of this article, you’ll understand why so many people are becoming rich and learn how to do it yourself.  Here are 15 reasons why getting rich is super easy.

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Number one:


You live in the most abundant period in human history.  Look there’s never been a better time. In human history to be alive stay poor. At this time in history is a choice.  Everything is abundant. More people die from being overweight than from starving. We have unlimited entertainment access and freedom of movement. Nothing is out of your reach. 


You fall asleep at night, feeling safe. Even the bad things happening in the world are mere inconveniences at this point and honestly, you’re probably shielded from most of them. There have never been so much money changing hands before. It’s just a matter of putting your hand out into the flow of money and taking your share.


Number two:

One in ten people is rich.  There are 22 million millionaires in the United States of America. People think you need to be special to have an extraordinary talent or God-given ability to create wealth. That’s false. Out of every 1000 people, 100 of them will be rich. You just have to make sure you’re one of them. If the city you live in has 200 000 people that means 20 000 people from your city will be wealthy. What’s stopping you from being one of that 20 000?

Here’s something, most poor people don’t understand. Anyone who has the will and can commit to becoming rich will become rich. But most people don’t actually, go after wealth. They go after survival. Low effort  plus the security of tomorrow. It’s a race without enough participants.

How many people around you do you think have made it their goal to build wealth? Ask them and you’ll be shocked to learn, that almost nobody has a game plan for building wealth. Well here’s the truth. It takes about seven years to become rich.  No matter where you live in the world, what gender you are, the color of your skin, or who your parents are. Seven years is the average timeline.

Number three:


Our entire economy is based on consumption. So money needs to flow at this moment in history. Economies rely on consumption, the government needs you to keep spending money or else everything collapses. This year you’ll spend more money than you did last year and that’s what consumers do.


They spend but here’s the golden rule of becoming rich if you want to get rich. All you have to do is a shift from being a consumer to being a creator. Its simple consumers spend money and creators receive the money. Build anything and sell it. People will trade their money for what you’re creating. So money flows from them to you. In this economy, you have creators at the top and consumers at the bottom, and money floats. That’s why it ends up with the people at the top.

Number four:

You can work and make money from anywhere in the world. Historically humans have been chained to the workplace. It used to be the farm, and then you live near the factory then near the office. This is the first time in human history where that chain has been broken. Not only can one leave and keep their jobs from other parts of the planet where the cost of living is substantially lower. 


Making you three to four times richer but even more excitingly since you can now work from anywhere in the world. Companies are hiring people from anywhere in the world meaning that the geographical wage disparity is going away. If you’re from India but have the skills of a senior developer then you can get a job as a senior developer in the United States or Europe, which will pay you multiple times higher than being a developer in your country.

Number five :

You have access to premium education for cheap or even free. Historically, it used to be that only members of the royal family could send their kids to Gurukul and learn to read and write making them superior to the peasants. They tried to keep that model up with the exorbitant college tuitions, enslaving large portions of the youth with student debt.

Rich Dad Gurukul is the result of this shift you’re getting Ph.D. level education in finance and investments for free. We’re on a mission to educate one billion people for cheap or even free. Currently everything you need to learn about going from poverty to building wealth is available in the learning pack called principles of wealth building. Which you can find in the app and web and online education is changing the world. You no longer need to go to a fancy school to be rich.


Number six:

Rich Dad Says you don’t need any money to start making money. Poor Dad always says, you need money to make money and it’s wrong. Not only that if that’s your belief system, you have sabotaged yourself from any way of moving forward in life today. You no longer need money to make money. Everything is free. You can make money by trading time, effort or knowledge. Honestly if you can’t do it without any money, you don’t have what it takes any idiot can make money if they have money. 


You buy a house you rent it out congrats. You’re a real estate entrepreneur. Most millionaires today are built with hard work and little to no money and before you say well. They were born rich or had connections.  Yeah 88% of all new millionaires are self-made meaning they started out poor and built everything from scratch.

You trade time effort and knowledge for money and then you reinvest that money. It’s actually pretty simple. The Silicon Valley in US has glamorized this idea of raising money from investors to build your company but they got it wrong. Never celebrate raising money how are you celebrating giving someone else a portion of your company the fact that you needed to raise. Money signals your failure to grow organically.

Number seven:


Hardware is extremely cheap and software is free or almost free. We live at the age of the 30 or less. Smartphones, just think for a second about the level of progress we’ve made, where for the price of a meal you have access to the entire world in your pocket for Thousands of rupees. You’re getting multiple cameras connected to the internet that would have cost thousands of rupees just a few years back. With any of these devices, you could have a YouTube account and learn you could set up a LinkedIn or an Up work account to find a job.

You could reach anyone in the world through Facebook or showcase what you do via tik- tok or Instagram. There are no financial barriers to entry in this new world. The only barrier is one’s  effort. It’s just the lazy people who aren’t making any progress.

Number eight:


Automation and software have replaced large teams. Software is eating up the world and automation is eating up the workforce. Use that to your advantage. You can do almost everything yourself if you wanted. You can pay for accounting software and it’ll take worries off your shoulders instead of having a sales team.  You could set up an ad campaign, instead of marketing; you could create educational content and publish it online for the world to read and watch. Instead of handcrafting your own products you could outsource it to a manufacturer that handles production, packaging and shipping on your behalf. 

Look around you almost everything in your house is mass-produced from the clothes you’re wearing to the device you’re reading this on to the food you’re eating.

Your value in the marketplace increases based on your ability to use the tools at your disposal.

Number nine:


It’s never been easier to invest in the stock market. A big part of the wealth building process is making. Sure your money grows while you sleep. The safest way to do that is through real estate but homes are expensive the second easiest way is to tie your money to the market. 


You’re buying products from companies so why not be an investor in those companies and have them share their profits with you. Back in the day it was pretty complicated to invest in companies. You needed a broker. they made you believe that this was not something you can do by yourself as it involves monitoring the markets 24/7 and looking at charts, but that was all every country has its own investing apps. You can invest your balance. you will see apple amazon tesla and other highly successful companies that are making great products that you love. With one tap on your screen you can begin investing in those companies with as little as ten Rupees. You don’t even have to buy an entire share to reap benefits. Invest whatever you’re comfortable with and watch your money grow as these companies grow and if you don’t know what to pick go with the mutual fund. You can get returns more than 12% which is 3 times of interest of saving accounts.


Number Ten


Technological revolutions are happening fast. 20 years ago the internet went mainstream. The big revolution of moving offline businesses online. Ten years ago social media went mainstream and instead of watching TV, we started watching other people. Do cool things.

A few years ago block chain started getting some traction and although it’s not yet mainstream. This doesn’t mean the impact won’t be real. Every technological revolution allows you to build wealth if you ride the wave of changes. It brings all you have to do, is understand what’s happening and position yourself for success.


Number eleven 

Advertising fame and community building are available to everyone. Back in the day people of influence would choose who gets to become famous.  They would hand pick, the next movie star decide who gets to be on TV, and choose the next big artist well.  Those gatekeepers are gone. It’s never been easier to acquire fame than it is today. Money follows attention if you can capture people’s attention, others will pay you for the attention you’re getting or if you’re smart you can monetize it yourself. Influencers, as we know them, will soon be split into two categories.

Billboards for others and entrepreneurs. The moment these influencers figure out, they can sell their own product and keep the profits instead of making money for other companies. The game changes you saw Kanye go from debt to billionaire by owning 100 of Yeezy kylie sold a makeup kit to her millions of followers and made billions. These are extreme cases of course but you only need 1 000 true fans to pay you 100 bucks a year and you can survive off. Your art you have no excuse, not to leverage the tools at your disposal to build a life you’re proud of.

Number 12 


You can outsource almost everything. The world is filled with talented people, who have the expertise, you’re lacking. Fortunately for you, these people are willing to trade their insights and abilities for money. You don’t need to learn how to design a great logo, you don’t need to learn how to build a website, how to run ads, how to edit videos, how to file a trademark or how to use heavy machinery. You could hire people to do all of this on your behalf.


Getting rich is super easy. Once you understand how to do this particular arbitrage, the easiest way to get rich is pay someone less than the money they’re making you. Your job is to figure out how to get paid more than you’re paying them. Solve this equation and you’re golden


Number thirteen


Luck and chances are negotiable. As long as you live please remember this reality is negotiable. You can live any kind of life you want as long as you’re willing to negotiate for it, but what if you are not lucky. The thing luck is distributed randomly.  Chances are luck will hit you several times in this life by sheer luck you ended up on this article today, but it depends on your position if you’re able to take advantage of that luck or not.


Now here’s what that means and fundamentally is why the rich keep getting richer while the poor will stay poor forever.

Let’s take two people of a similar ability, similar race, similar gender, etc. One of them works twice as much as the other one. This allows the hard worker to save the difference in earning. One day luck shows up as an opportunity. Someone is selling some land for cheap because they need the money, so the one working regular hours doesn’t have the money to do it. So they pass on the opportunity. Well, the one with the savings takes advantage of it and becomes richer. 


Both people got the same opportunity, the same luck, but they were not in the same position to capitalize on it and what if bad luck hits? We have the same two individuals, one with savings because they work twice as much while the other has none. Because they live paycheck to paycheck. Both of them are hit with the same bad luck needing to have surgery. The one with the money saved up is able to pay for the surgery with the savings that. They have and their lifestyle is unaffected.  The one without the savings needs to borrow money at an interest or sell some of their assets to cover it.
Thus becoming even poorer and this is how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

It all depends on the setup of the effort of putting yourself in front of viable opportunities that you can access.


Number fourteen

No matter how specific fringe or weird you think, your product is you will find customers. Look there are almost eight billion people on the planet. We guarantee you that no matter what you’re into; you’ll find plenty of people who share your interests. There are just too many of us so, we’re breaking down into groups based on interests. Every group has its consumers and its creators the creators create while the consumers make the creators rich service your niche community and you’ll do well for yourself.


Number 15

Governments are printing money like crazy between our rich dad’s friends’ there’s this joke running around. The government will make everyone a millionaire.  Everyone was a millionaire at least that’s what the currency said but they devalued the national currency, your monthly rent was a couple million dollars or the equivalent of thousands of rupees. We’ve witnessed firsthand what happens when inflation steps in once governments start printing money like crazy. The currency begins to devalue.


I guarantee that every single person reading this article has noticed that they pay at least thirty percent more for the same grocery basket now compared to only two years ago. When they print money they are robbing you of wealth but that money is entering the economy. Whenever they print more money that means there’s more money available for the taking. People will spend more make sure you’re on the receiving end of that spending if you want to be rich.

We want to flip this on to you. You’ve heard our thesis so now it’s your turn do you honestly. Think it’s easier today to get rich than it was 30 years ago. 


A bonus we saved for you there are only eight paths of building wealth. Here’s the list:

one – building products
two – building a brand
three – building a team
four – making deals
five – trading assets
six – accumulating assets
seven – managing assets and

eight – engineering systems

All businesses rely on these activities. Look carefully at the list and figure out. Where your skill sets can be used and you can leverage that to build your own wealth.  Don’t get caught up in all the multiple streams of income. Believe it or not, you can get rich without having seven streams of income. That’s not actually how people get rich. People confuse how rich people make money versus how they invest it. If you know what you’re doing you don’t need to diversify. Rich people get rich by putting all their time money and effort into one strategy to succeed. They use that to earn a ton of money and then they invest in different assets but you have to make the money first unless you’re able to master money first. You will never be rich.


To get rich, every month invest at least 5-10% of your income on your brain.


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