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The present is a product of the future

Present is a product of the future

You can see everything present, past and future at one place.”-Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita 11.07.

 “Every matter is a wave/strings, but transform to matter again just before be observed.”- String Theory.

If no one observe a thing, it will convert to strings and disappear, and appeared before be observed. It is just like a refrigerator light.

“The Present is a product of the future.”-Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment, Quantum Physics.

 Scientists have proved in this experiment that if movements of electrons are observed, they behave like particles whereas if they don’t observe, they behave like waves.  Let, an electron is moving A to B, and a sensor is installed at B to check the state of electrons at B.

  1. If the sensor is at ON, observing the electrons at B which are from A, is detected as electrons and the electrons are behaving like particles.
  2. If the sensor is OFF at B, the electrons will behave as waves.
  3. But if the sensor is at OFF, electrons are already have released from A, and suddenly sensor make ON, the electrons again show their particle behavior.

It means all matters are as waves/strings, but change their state when observed.

If you or someone observe (focus) at your future till it is happening from today, your present situation will change. Hence, your present depends on the focused future and you can change it.

Just Now the present positions of all trains/flights are depending upon their future (destination). You got up at 06.00 AM only for the future (office at 09.00 AM). But on Sunday you get up late as the future is not observed (focused).

Present is a product of Future Rich Dad

Imagine, you are seeing a flight in the air over Jaipur. The present position of the flight is due to its destination Delhi or due to its origin in Mumbai? If you are thinking, it is due to Mumbai, the flight can fly in thousands of directions from Mumbai, not only over Jaipur. Its position only depends on the destination Delhi. Now, over Jaipur, If the pilot chooses a new destination Ajmer, its position will change immediately. But here, most people have confused and feel, that the present position is due to Origin Mumbai. However, the present position is always a product of Destination, first Delhi, and Now Ajmer. If one is focused, his present is always a product of the future. If one is not focused on the future, he has a confused or cloudy vague present.

Bhagavad Gita 7.26, Krishna Says, “ I know everything that has happened in the past, all that is happening at present, and all things that are yet to come. I also know all living entities; but me, no one knows.”

  Lord knows everything, past, present, and future us. We also see the past and present. But he knows the future, which means the line (graph) of our life journey which has been already planned. We are just acting like actors as per the direction of a Director of a movie, where the first scene (section) depends on the second and so on. But audiences don’t know the sequences.  Actors are like robots (me, you, or anyone), the director is programming, scene by scene without telling the full story to the actors (us). Hence robots’ (me, you, or anyone) first scene depends on the second and so on. By focusing on the future scenes, the present scene is happening.

By showing the universal form, the supreme Load Krishna Says, “O Arjun, whatever you wish to see, behold at one in this body of fine! This universal form can show you whatever you now desire to see and whatever you may want to see in the future. Everything – moving and non-moving- is here completely, in one place.”

Think, you are Arjun and see the future, which is to happen. It will surely affect your present as you know the future.

Bhagavad Gita 18.25, Krishna Says, “The action performed in illusion, in disregard of scriptural injunctions, and without concern for future bondage or for violence or distress caused to others is said to be in the mode of ignorance.”

Hence, if one does not concern or focused on or observing his future, he will be fit for any role in the movie/ TV serial just like side actors for Priest, peon, driver, etc. and it is his ignorance. But if he will focus on the future, he will act in a special role like a hero, heroine, Villain, etc. So his role will not be changed.

Also, as per earlier discussions, the action comes from desire. But when does desire come to true? – In the future. When have to take action for the desire? – Now (present). It means, that present actions depend on the future. Bhagavat Gita and modern science, (Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment, Quantum Physics) do describe it beautifully. Please see a video on YouTube on the above subject.

If you are focused on the future, then your,

Present depends on past – No,

Present depends on Present- No.

Present depends on Future – Yes,

In the past, if you were focused on the (then) future, which is now today; then that past was a product of today. If something good or bad is happening to you now, it is a product of your focused future. If you are living on average now, it means you have no focused future.

Rich Dad

If something bad was being happened in the past, it means you were not focusing the (then) future. What life you have now can be improved now, if you will now focus on your future. If you are not focusing on the next station (your future, focusing on the past or the present), you are driving the train (your life) from a couch (not from the engine), it means the train (your life) may go elsewhere. Also, when you focus on the future, your speed will increase to achieve it early. This is the secret of all billionaires.

If someone without focusing on future hates the results, desires different, or doubt on the future, then a/many parallel universes are created for him to enjoy his and God’s wishes. Please see the concept of parallel universes on the web or YouTube.

Bhagavad Gita 5.3, 5.25,7.27, Krishna says,” O scion of Bharata, O conqueror of the foe, all living entities are born into delusion, bewildered by dualities arisen from desires, doubts and hate of fruits. But he who is satisfied with gain which comes of its own accord, and does not envy, who is steady in both success and failure, is never entangled, although performing actions, is free from duality.” Hence parallel universe does exists, but it is a delusion, bewilder for satisfying the desires, as God fulfills all desires of all in illusion if one does not deserve it in reality. Billionaires have a beautiful present as they are focusing the desired future without any doubt.

It is GPRS of life. When you select and focus on your destination, it automatically shows the system, the mode and the technique to reach.


11.8 Krishna says, “ O, Arjun, You can’t see (observe) me with your present eyes (Sensors). Therefore, I give you divine eyes (all sensors with infinity capacity). Behold mystic opulence!” So my dear reader, below I have described with my maximum capacity to find a little of that.

  1. Null Dimension: It is nothing, has no starting or ending or middle, never die, but exists everywhere in the universe and the outside universe (if any).

When Arjun sees the universal form of God, he observed and says BG 11.07-32, “O Lord of the universe, I see your body have many parts, expanding everywhere, without limit. I see in you no end, no middle and no beginning. It is difficult to see as it is spreading on all sides. You are the oldest; you are the resting place of the universe. Some are in afraid, some love you, and some even don’t observe you. All are entering into your mouths.” And asked,” Who are you? What is your mission?” The Godhead, Krishna replied,” I am Time. My mission is to create and destroy. You can see everything present, past and future at one place.

 The Null Dimension is God himself – Time.

A wise person always focuses on which create him and which will destroy him. Also Krishna says many times to all, to focus on him for liberation. One can see the future and past at one place and time. Now focus on the future, I am cent percentage sure everyone has a divine eye as Arjuna to see his future. But one does not try due to his ignorance.

  1. Zero Dimensions: It is nothing, but exists everywhere in the universe. It has no starting and no ending, it is created and terminated by time immediately,

It is Space. A thing which is nothing, equals to zero. In other words, one may say the thing which connects two times – Wormhole.

  1. 1St Dimension: Connects two spaces – Line.
  2. 2nd Dimension : Connects two lines – Plane.
  3. 3rd Dimension: Connects two planes. – Cube.
  4. Negative dimensions (21 nos): What our mind and freeware sense.

If you invite someone to a place, you have to mention the place and time, (Null, 1st, 2nd, 3rd dimensions, And unconsciously we are connected present time- just now and that meeting time, 0th Dimension). Hence we always use 5 dimensions for understanding.

When you are asking a person,” How are you?” If he is not ok, but, answered, “I am Fine.” You may feel it that he is not fine by observing on his body and tone. Because his thought dimension is same as your thought dimension. If you didn’t get it, it means you are in different dimensions.  When your love / family are in unhappy or in problem, you will feel it, if you are in the same dimensions. Even when you are reading this book or attaining a meeting, if you are not getting properly, it means you are in different dimensions.

When your body, mind, heart and freeware are at different dimensions, you will feel difficult to take decisions. When you are praying, visualizing or feeling, you are just making all to a common dimension. We have 21 such dimensions [ IOs Sl no- 12 to 33 except Sl no-28- writing ]

How do the Electrons in Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment test get informed?

Imagine Zeroth Dimension is an animal “A”, 1St Dimension as “B”, 2nd Dimension as “C”, 3rd dimension as “D”. As A is smaller than others, “A” can move in “B”, “C” and ”D” and can know the status of the other. B can know the status C and D, C can know the status D. But D cannot know the status C, B and A. C cannot know the status B and A, B cannot know the status of A.  If changes of A is controlled, then changes in shape of B,C,or D can be controlled per wish. When the behaviors of bacteria are changed in our body, our body behavior also changed. We fall ill.

  In same way Null dimension “Time” can control all dimensions. But time is something which only exists in the mind. Imagine if someone loses all his senses, and cannot get back (Just in COMA). He is in an unconscious state permanently. In this case, Does the “time” exists for him? He is live, but time is nothing for him. It means unconscious is a part of Time like Line is a part of Plane or Cube. This unconscious is a negative dimension.

We have negative temperature below 00 C and absolute is -373.150 C. Sound also has negative values and measured quietest place on earth is -20.6 db. Negative pressure, negative brightness – dark, negative thought, negative voltage, even negative mass exists. Dimensions can also find in negative. There are almost 21 dimensions in negative scale. It means our thought, belief, desire, consciousness, sub-consciousness, courage, understanding, visualizations; all types of feelings can read, observe or control the time/period/occasions. Hence our consciousness is able to see the future. Just like A is boss (controller) and able to change the shape of B, C or D as per his wish, by changing the planes one can change and reshape a 3D object. Similarly, consciousness can change or reshape the time. It means consciousness is more powerful than time, but time is God. Hence God (time) always listens conscious’s prayer. Yours prayer. This is why God (time) is forced to give boons to a sage when he meditate deeply for controlling his consciousness. The demigods became frightened with the meditation of sages, as the sages can change the time. Our epics and Nation India, both are great, which was/is much ahead of modern science.

When the sensor (consciousness) observes the states [(1) Time & (2) state-3D] of the electrons, the electron gets affected by the sensor; so it shows its 3D state as it is fired.

Divine eyes: with this eye one can see all dimensions like Arjun and Sanjaya have done. The divine eye sees things as they are at past, present and future. While Sanjaya was still in Hastinapur, the series of events that happened in the battlefield of Kurukshetra was very clear to him. He saw with his eyes as if he was on the battlefield. That’s why Arjun has also seen the future  when Krishna shows his Universal form (Bhagavad Gita 11.26-27), “ All the sons of Dhrtarastra, along with their allied kings, and Bhisma, Drona, Karna and our chief soldiers also – are rushing into your fearful mouths. And some see trapped with heads smashed between your teeth.”

Sleep dreamers and Divine eyes are same, where we use all your 44 IOs. But at case of Divine eyes you are conscious that you are dreaming the reality, means you can see, feel, smell, hear and taste everything what are real in the past, present and in future. Everyone, like Arjuna or Sanjaya can see the future if he practices all IOs. IOs mean Input and Output, IOs means “I” and “ZERO”, IOs Means “I” and “GOD”. I=0=∞.

 The Hindu Dharma is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite, number of deaths and rebirths. It is the only dharma in which time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology. Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion years long, longer than the age of the Earth or the Sun and about half the time since the Big Bang.”-Carl Sagan. Scientist.

 If you don’t understand, read slow, again if you haven’t understood, read slowly further.  But the fact is that you will be more concentrated and understand if you read fast. Reading further slowly means you are increasing the problem again and again, without solving the problem, but expecting why are you not able to understand?  The Lakhs of students are graduating every year and unemployed. Why? They are advised not to focus on the future and to focus on present, which is increasing the problem instead of solving the unemployment.

A focused future creates the present. You will have a good present in 2018, if you focus on 2020-2025 and so on.

We have already seen in a control system, last chapter, the status of input (present) depends on the output –feedback (Future).

Also Lord Krishna warned, and described the result of an unfocused future.

 Who does perform the actions in illusion, in disregard of scriptural injunctions, and without concern for future bondage or violence or distress caused to others and does not raise wealth for help or improvement of the society is a mode of ignorance. (Bhagavad Gita 18.25 & 17.22).”

The ignorant, only speaks about knowledge and Karma, but does not apply. When one dies in the mode of ignorance, takes birth in the animal kingdom; and when one dies in the mode passion, he takes birth among those engaged in fruitive activities; when one dies in the mode of goodness, he attains to the pure higher planets of great sages. (Bhagavad Gita 5.4 & 14.14-15)”

As per Einstein, mass and energy are interchangeable. In my research – Mass, energy, space and time all are interchangeable.

E +t = (m + ms )c2,

As E = Potential Energy + Kinetic Energy,

  • mgh + ½(mv2) + t = (m +ms)c2 .

 where ms = space mass

At black hole, t= (m+ms)c2-E.

If all the space and objects fall into a black hole,

Time, t= (m+ms)c2-E=0 => t = 0.

Other way, E= P.E+K.E+t= mc2    ,neglecting- ms

At rest, velocity = Zero, P.E+t= mc2 and as P.E = mgh

  • mgh+t= mc2 => t= mc2 – mgh
  • t = m ( c2 –gh ),
  • if m = 0, then t=0 , light and other massless elements space, etc. have time zero.
  • if c2 – gh = 0, t=0.
  • C2 – (Gmh/d2) = 0, As C,g, d are constant, g depends on mass only, so t also depends on mass.

Also t depends on velocity, so, t1= t0 x sqrt [ 1- (v2/c2)]. If someone travels at a speed of light, time stops for him.

Our universe is made of Mass, energy , space and time. At black hole, all are converted to time, energy and mass.  A moment will come when all mass, energy and space will convert to time only. That’s why Krishna says, “ I am Time.”

From above discussion, everything is a product of time and whoever able to control the time can achieve everything. Our consciousness is able to control the time.

In Bhagavad Gita, Chapter- The Universal Form, Arjuna exactly describes the universe what we are observing now. In Chapter – The Most Confidential Knowledge of Bhagavad Gita, Krishna Says, “under my will (rule of science) it is automatically manifested again and again, and under my will (rule of science) it will annihilated.” Also says in same chapter 9.10,” The objects, material in nature which is my energy, can be manifested to create or annihilate again and again (by other).”

 Hence the key is also in your hand to create something. The most powerful innovations we manifested till date are (1) fire (2) wheel, (3) money (4) pen and paper (5) Electricity- 18th century (6) Cycle – 1817 (7) steam and diesel engine- 18th century/1806 (8) Radio-1894  (9) Vacuum tube – 1904 (10) Airplane – 1905 (11)  E = mc2 – 1921 (12) software -1935 and (13) world web wide – 1989. All are innovated with extraordinary thoughts. The most extraordinary is “The Time – God.” Imagine how the time – God, is planted in your brain, even when human society created.

What about Negative Dimensions?

The Past has gone, Future has to happen and we are living in the present. But present is a point only like Null dimension. How? Present means this year, which is a part of the future, Present month, which is again part of the future, This week, which is again a part of the future, today, which is also part of the future, This hour- part of the future, this minute-part of future. This second- it is also a part of future can breakable to micro-micro seconds. Computers do work on Micro or less second. Hence present is just a moment- Null dimension. Our consciousness is connected to this smallest moment.

Imagine there is a creature like a human is living in a black hole. He interested to measure a distance inside of black hole to you. You have supplied two measuring tapes of million KM long. One connected to surface of a black hole to inside of the black hole and other to outer space.

Where he is standing with the other end of the tape is million Km and you are also at same distance in outer space. But when you see, he is just few mm inside the black hole. And he saw from that point you are in fare way  , crores of KM. Why looking so ?  You as well as he understands that this is happening due to change of Dimensions. Even his body is compressed to a tiny man less than size of an atom. But both understand it. It means the consciousness is never compressed with change in dimensions. Everything, including time is slower, but all negative dimensions are not slower.

Sometimes you may feel when attending a meeting, interview or watching Movie, time passed very fast- you are a time traveler to the future, but if you are getting bored- time is slow- traveling to past. It happens due to all 21 negative dimensions, which controls the time.

Be focused on the future, use your own dimensions to control this present. You can increase your duration of life with increasing your consciousness.

 If for action one is focusing a day is a labor, If one is focusing a week – month is an employee, If one is focusing a month – 6 months is a manager, If one is focusing 6 months- two year is an Actor, player, small businessman, If one is focusing two years- five years is a politician, businessman, If one is focusing more than five years is a Billionaire. If one is focusing on next life is a demigod.

How long one can see clearly shows his present status.

 The following are agreed that “the present” is a product of the future. 


Law of attraction


Focus rule


Travel Rule


String Theory


Lord Krishna/ Bhagavad Gita


Control system – feedback


Movie or opera or TV serials


Government or Corporate plans


Desire and its actions

Change your thought immediately, Focus on the future and change your present today. God has given the steering wheel of life in your hand, only you have to accept it and to driver the life.

 In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna describes, each person always have a change and a short-cut to get Moksha with performing certain actions. Hence there is always an easy way to achieve success to Billionaire. 

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