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12 Things You Buy That Make You Richer

12 Things You Buy That Make You Richer

Poor people think that spending money makes you poor, but that’s not a universal truth. When the average person spends money they do get poorer but smart and successful people have figured out ways to spend money and get richer. By the end of this article, you’ll have a list of 12 things you can buy that will make you richer, and the way you think about your spending will change.

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#01: Useful Education

 You know what they say, first, you learn, then you remove the l.  The main problem with most of the education out there is it’s not conducive to either wealth or happiness.  They need you productive and educated enough to secure a job.  So they can later get you chained down by a continuous cycle of debt. Useful education is the antidote to educational inflation.  The world is experiencing right now. Everyone is highly educated but only a tiny minority has actual skills that have value. The world needs more electricians and engineers not influencers.

#02: Time-Saving Purchases 

Anything that truly saves you time is a solid purchase. Two days ago we were hanging out at a business event with a few friends. When did someone ask what should I invest in right now? To which one of our friends, had a brilliant answer that went like this. 

If you have some money to invest. Move to a new rental place where your rent is higher but you’re closer to work! Now here’s the reasoning behind it.  If you move 30 minutes closer to work, you can justify paying up to 50 percent  more rent,  30 minutes on your way in plus 30 minutes on your way back that’s an hour per day.  Five hours a week assuming you don’t go To work on weekends that’s 20 hours a month. 240 hours per year assuming you work about 8 hours a day 240 divided by 8 is 30 extra work days. That you’re saving up to do with as you please in a year. Spend that time on things that make you happy inspired or rich. 

#03: Your Environment

We’re very much like plants in the growth department. If your environment is Toxic, you won’t be able to blossom. Invest in everything you experience,  the bed you sleep in the pillows and the bed linens, comfortable shoes a warm home and a decent view invest in what you eat, what you drink, and what you consume, all of it will shape your tomorrow. Upgrade your environment because your environment upgrades you.

 #04:  Country Club Memberships

 Country clubs or membership clubs are not about the spa or the golf course. These establishments are places to network the high fees are there to keep the mediocre out.  So you’re surrounded by successful people. You spend roughly four hours on the course in a game of golf. This is the perfect time for developing those connections and getting to know one another while maintaining some level of fitness, and that’s the real reason why rich people golf so much.

 #05: Online Courses 

Education is moving online and it’s the right kind of education where you can see real-time reviews. Know for certain what you’re getting and where you can. Ask for a refund if the teacher doesn’t deliver on their promise. None of these were available when you were in high school were there no matter where you are in the world. You can find an expert to hold your hand and walk you through the actionable side of things that interest you. 

The ultimate skill one can absorb is learning how to learn once you do master it. The entire world becomes your playground since you can flip a switch and acquire any other skill that you want.

 #06: Debt Repayment

 Debt is the closest thing the modern world has to slavery. Debt makes poor people poorer and rich people richer.  99% of the population can’t tell the Difference between good debt and bad debt, which is why they call the rich the one percent for most people. The longer you hold on to debt the more interest you’re paying on it. In this case, paying off debt is crucial to becoming wealthy; if you want to be rich buy yourself out of the debt contract.

 #07: Books 

Books allow you to live more lives than just your own in our opinion.  Books are one of the most underrated asymmetric investments one can make.  A book costs 150 rupees. 10 books can literally change your life for the better Rather watch the circle on Netflix, then grow as human beings and if you’re simply not a reader, we recommend trying audiobooks. 

#08: Business Events 

Business events are a more diverse version of a country club.  People from all around come together to look for motivational knowledge and business contacts. It’s basically just a reason to interact with other people plus it gives you access to some of the most influential people in your industry.

 #09: Better Accountants

 Here’s the thing if there’s one direct service that can literally earn keep an accountant. A good accountant might cost you two to three times as much as a mediocre one, but they could save you 10 to 100 times more money. Accountants are the magicians of the financial world and it helps to

Know a spell or two. Think of it like this numbers are the native language of Money, even though you kind of speak it. It’s always best to trust a native.  To make sure you capture all the nuances you want to communicate.

#10: Coaching Sessions

 Coaching sessions are when you pay someone to help you figure things out. The value of a coaching session comes from optimizing your behavior. A good performance coach does just that.  It increases performance; you can expect to pay 100 to 300 dollars per hour Session or around five thousand dollars a month to have access to a performance coach. Some sell but there are a few out there that actually know what they’re doing.

#11: Great Birthday Gifts

 The best gifts in life are the ones that make a difference.  They’re thoughtfully chosen effort and time.  Went into their selection and are tailored to the person that’s getting. The gift does not underestimate the importance of gifts. Humans don’t realize just how few birthdays we have in our lives just how few moments to spend surrounded by everyone.  You care about but a great gift you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

 #12: Travel

They say travel is one of the only things. You can spend money on it. That makes you richer and this quote was actually the inspiration for this entire piece. We read it and well challenge accepted.  We bet we could find many other smart purchases and so we did but yes travel does indeed build a different kind of wealth.  It creates memories, it allows you to find more about yourself and about whom you wish to become as you grow older. Your memory bank becomes a lot more important than your actual bank.

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