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Book Summary

Summary on The Four Agreements

Summary on The Four Agreements “The Four Agreements” is a popular self-help book by Don Miguel Ruiz that presents a set of guidelines for personal transformation and spiritual growth. The book is based on the Toltec wisdom tradition and emphasizes the importance of mindfulness, personal responsibility, and freedom from limiting beliefs. The following is a …

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Summary On Thinking Fast And Slow

Summary Of Thinking Fast And Slow “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman is a must-read book that explores the two systems of human thought and how cognitive biases and errors can impact decision-making. This thought-provoking book offers practical advice and strategies for improving decision-making skills, making it an influential and highly regarded work in …

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Summery on The Alchemist

The Alchemist “The Alchemist” is a novel written by Paulo Coelho and first published in 1988. It tells the story of Santiago, a shepherd boy from Andalusia, who dreams of finding a treasure hidden in the Egyptian pyramids. On his journey, he meets several characters who help him along the way and teach him valuable …

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Spiritual science – Prayer

Spiritual science – Prayer “Thinking is prayer.” Once, a person went to a new restaurant. In that restaurant, all orders are placed through the thinking of the customers. No waiters take orders. There are some special type sensors, which read the thinking of a customer, are placed under the roof. These sensors communicate the order …

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